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Foto Nama Profile
Akhrif Yahsya, M.Hum
Amrizal, M.Pd
Andy Zulfadlan Siregar, M.Pd
Apriyanti Hsb, M.Hum
Ayu Meita Puteri Siregar, M. Pd.

Dosen Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris

Lektor III/c

Tadris Bahasa Inggris

STAIN Mandailing Natal

Dina Syarifah Nasution, M.Pd
Elvina Gusman, M.Pd

Alhamdulillah, studying PhD Program at Central Queensland University Australia is my activity currently. 

A million of thanks to my beloved family, collegues, and  STAIN Madina and IAIN Batusangkar who have supported me till now.

Special remark to PMU MoRA Republic of Indonesia that has sponsored my Doctoral degree at CQUniversity Australia. 

Hopefully Allah SWT always provides us mercifull and blessness .   Aamiin ya Robbal'alamin. heart

Fitriani, M.Pd
Hanifah Oktarina, M.Pd.
Hotrimsyah Simbolon, M.Pd
Lia Agustina Damanik, M.Hum.
Muhammad Ari Saputra, M.Pd
Rahmi Arfina, M.Pd
Resdilla Pratiwi, M.Hum

I trust The Miracle of Du'a, Charity, and effort to reach the dream, heart

Just Believe in Allah and standfrim and steadfast to that.heart

be your self, spread the blessedness to all. laugh



Rica Umrina Lubis, M.Hum

I'm definitely confidently beautiful just the way I am, and I'm happy what I have become.

Rizky Yolanda, M.Pd
Sahyoni, M.Pd
Sartika Dewi Hrp, M.Hum
Sri Wahyuni Hasibuan, M.Hum
Syamsiah Depalina

I am simple woman ^_^'

Zulfikar, M.A

Zulfikar is a Fulbright scholar who earned his master in TESOL from Arkansas Tech University in 2016. He is currently employed as a state lecturer in English Department, Mandailing Natal State College of Islamic Studies. He possesses more than 10 years of experience teaching English to children and adults across the United States and Indonesia.

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